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J & D Sealcoating is committed to sourcing the latest technologies to better repair your asphalt. With faster results, you will also receive seamless asphalt repairs. It is a more efficient asphalt repair method for your residential or commercial needs. Repair your potholes and severely cracked surfaces with the help of infrared patching.

Fast and Affordable Asphalt Infrared Patching

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Because infrared patching evenly heats your asphalt to re-melt it, there will be no more cracks, fissures or evidence of aging. Take advantage of a completely sealed, even, new surface!

Infrared: A smooth, seamless repair

Your restored asphalt may need striping or lining to provide vehicles with appropriate parking and safe lanes of travel. J & D Sealcoating maintains the precision equipment necessary to provide your parking lot, driveway or public roadworks with professional striping and lining.

Precision asphalt striping and lining

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